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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Infamous Mango Chutney

I had mangoes and I had ideas. I wanted to prepare grilled chicken and serve it with a home-made mango chutney. High hopes...

I chose
this recipe. Seemed simple enough, ingredients were already in my pantry and reviewers were raving about it. The question of how, when and, above all, why would someone cook 240 servings of mango chutney did indeed cross my mind but I thought it was probably cultural... People around here don't make cookies, cookie mix, chutney or jam as give-away gifts. Which is a pity, imho!

I decided to scale down the recipe to 30 servings but forgot to scale down the cooking times as well. I overcooked the sugar and no matter what I tried, the stuff kept tasting like spicy mango caramel. Not something we would have eaten with chicken... I didn't like the brownish color either, as I wanted something more like
this. I guess I should have followed Macha's recipe in the first place...

They say that's how we learn, right? :)


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